Friday, July 2, 2010

The Happy Book: July 2

Some videos are worth revisiting again and again. I hope you're inspired to make hugging a part of your happy this week. I know I am!

Let's see where the books are this week:

Let's share our happy:
  • Everyone's welcome to write a post about what made them happy this week and share it in the Mr. Linky below.
  • Come on by our Vimeo group to share a video of what makes you happy! It doesn't have to be perfect or edited or even have sound! Whatever makes you happy is just right. A moment of home video? Perfect. Your cat purring? Purrfect.
  • Or if photography's more your thing, catch a moment of happy and share it at our Flickr group called Share Your Happy. Come see what people are sharing! There's family and inspiration boards and rainbows and stars and pie!
  • And remember, you can absolutely get yourself your own copy to work through while waiting for the mail-around book to arrive!
What Made You Happy this week?

1 comment:

  1. I've been on vacation and away from my computer. I had lots of opportunities to find bliss in revisiting special places like NYC and Cape Cod.


Here's to sharing our mirth, acknowledging our bliss, dancing our glee and spreading some giggles! What made you happy this week?