Monday, January 5, 2009

The First Ever The Next Chapter Mail-Around

A New Book; A New Approach
Welcome to the first ever The Next Chapter mail around!

We have reached 104 and registration is now officially closed.
(PS If you were able to use the sign-up form, you are in the group. You will receive a confirmation email in the next 24 hours.)

What a turn-out! Thanks to your enthusiasm and the generosity of the authors, Meg & Rachel, and their publicist, Carrie, we're going to have 4 Mail-Around Circles - and they are all full! (When I look at the picture I chose for this post, I realize that having 4 circles was meant to be!)

If you didn't make it in, please remember, every Friday, starting January 15 you are welcome to come back here and share what made you happy each week. We'll keep sharing our happiness until the books make it back to me - and then there will be celebrations!

I've had a few people contact me about being on a waiting list in case anyone drops out. If you would also like to be on that list, please email me and I'll let you know if room becomes available.

If you want to be sure to stay informed about The Next Chapter,
please sign up for my newsletter here. That way you won't miss a thing!

About the Book

The Happy Book is an inspirational activity book designed to gather all the quirky little things that make you happy! It invites you to share the noises that nurture you, the experiences that bring ecstasy, the flavours that fill you up! There's almost 200 pages of prompts and space for you, well, for us, to fill up and share our happiness! You can fill it with words, drawings, doodles, cut-outs, art, sparkles, stickers, whatever you like! We're going to create a book full of happy!

About the Authors

Meg and Rachel are two totally fun and inspiring ladies - and I didn't just say that because they promised to take me on a cupcake tour if I come to New York! In fact, you can hear for yourself in this episode of Creative Living with Jamie. They are really excited to see what happens in the mail-around and to watch what we get up to!

About the Mail-Around

So I thought this time around we'd share the book experience in an entirely different way, sending the book around to one another - think Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants!

When the book arrives at your place, you will have one week to get to know one another, to take in what previous people have added and contribute your own flavour of happiness! Invite friends, family, co-workers, strangers, even your cat to add their own take on happiness and at the end of your week, send it along to the next person on the list. Every time we're ready to move on to the next person, I'll put up a post with a Mr. Linky. Once you've had your turn with the book, you can blog about the experience and link to it here, letting us know when you've handed it over to the Postal Gods to find its way to the next beautiful participant.

Happy Friday Blogging

To keep it fun and lively each week, every Friday I'll put up a post that will serve two purposes:
  • First, I'll make a note of just where the book is on its journey and provide the opportunity for the current Happy Book Holder to share their experience.
  • Second, I'll leave a Mr. Linky for anyone and everyone to share something that makes them happy!
This will go on as long as the book is in flight! Now, I know the big challenge is going to be ensuring that the book doesn't get stalled somewhere along the line, that it actually makes it back to home base, so here's the deal...


When the book makes it back to me, there will be prizes! Everyone who participated in the mail around will be entered in the draw to win! If you'd like to contribute something to the prize pot, email me and let me know. The more the merrier! If you do donate a prize, I will add it to the list of prizes on the blog and ask that you be responsible for ensuring it make it to the winner.

When the book(s) get back to me participants will be entered into a draw for:

In order to keep the momentum going, to have a chance for celebrations and prizes before we hit 2011, the mail-around chain mustn't be too long. So, here's the plan.
  • With up to 26 people, I will start the mail around with 1 book.
  • If we have 26-52 people, I will divide the list and send around 2 copies of the book.
  • If we have 52-78 people, I will divide the list and send around 3 copies of the book.
  • If we have 78-104 people, I will divide the list and send around 4 copies of the book. (Imagine!)
  • I will close registration at 104!
In the sign-up form, I ask if you're willing to ship the book internationally. The Next Chapter has participants from all over the world and it's a wonderful way for us to be connected globally. Imagine how excited you'll be to receive something that was just in Australia or South America! Yes, there will be an expense involved - but this time there's no cost for the book itself and there's even a chance to win treats!

We have reached 104 participants, so registration is now closed! If you want to be sure to stay informed about The Next Chapter, please sign up for my newsletter here. That way you won't miss a thing!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. This is a first-time for all of us!

Let the happiness begin!