Friday, May 7, 2010

The Happy Book: May 7

Aerith Dancing from Sara Carbaugh on Vimeo.

Sara of Your Creative Ally added this awesome happy video to our Vimeo group and I just had to share it! You can just feel the joy in the room! There's something about dancing that always invites the happy in! And it just felt so right this week because we just celebrate the 5th Annual Shyne Like a Star Virtual Dance Party too! (Put dancing on May 1st in your calendar for next year) I can't wait to see what made you happy this week.

I also wanted to share a heartfelt book recommendation that came in from Carrie McCarthy. Serendipity led her to the book The Necklace: Thirteen Women and The Experiment That Transformed Their Lives and it drew her in and filled her with happy. That sounded like a good recommendation to pass along to you. Enjoy!

The Happy Book are on the move this week!
  • Bliss: The Bliss book is with Agenda Gal (blog to come) in Alaska and will be on its way soon!
  • Giggle: Stephanie in Washington has sent the Giggle Book to Polly in Winnipeg.
  • Mirth: The Mirth Book has left Ellecubed in Toronto and is on the way to Leah in Massachusetts!
  • Glee: Kate has sent the Glee Book from St. Louis to Teri in Arkansas!
Thank you, Danette, for following the books progress! I have to say that the Glee circle is still in the lead. Kate is the 9th person in the circle to receive the book! Giggle has been doing some real catching up and the book is now with their 7th person. Mirth is on their 4th person and Bliss on their 3rd. This makes sense because some of the circles started farther away and some of them will finish with the longer distances. Let's keep the Happy momentum going!

Let's keep sharing our happy:
  • Everyone's welcome to write a post about what made them happy this week and share it in the Mr. Linky below.
  • Come on by our Vimeo group to share a video of what makes you happy! It doesn't have to be perfect or edited or even have sound! Whatever makes you happy is just right. A moment of home video? Perfect. Your cat purring? Purrfect.
  • Or if photography's more your thing, catch a moment of happy and share it at our Flickr group called Share Your Happy. Come see what people are sharing! There's family and inspiration boards and rainbows and stars and pie!
  • And remember, you can absolutely get yourself your own copy to work through while waiting for the mail-around book to arrive!
What Made You Happy this week?


  1. I was giggling and dancing my glee with my toddler grandchildren last much fun!
    Sorry I didn't get a video. Happy weekend to all!

  2. What a cute little video! Perfect for this time of dancing and celebration.

  3. I love watching little kids dance - too cute! :)

  4. Her little dances always crack me up! :) Thanks for posting this Jamie!!


Here's to sharing our mirth, acknowledging our bliss, dancing our glee and spreading some giggles! What made you happy this week?