Friday, October 15, 2010

The Happy Book: Week 8

What we're sharing this week: Guerrilla Happiness Page 186.
This week's assignment: Watch the video for more details.

Checking in on the Mail-Around: Where are the books this week?

Bliss: Carmen Torbus has the Bliss book in Florida!
Giggle: Jennifer Moore in Michigan is looking forward to receiving the new Giggle book !
Mirth: The Mirth book is with Sandra in Toronto!
Glee: Yolanda (Yolanda is Pre-Blog) in Ontario is anticipating the arrival of the Glee book!

Join in Anytime!

It's never to late to join in with The Next Chapter! All you have to do is sign-up in the box to the upper left, get yourself a book and play along!

Let's Share Our Happy Adventure!


  1. Sorry I got back home too late to do the guerrilla happiness activity, but I did manage to find my bliss in other ways! :) Happy Friday, everyone!

  2. That is so true! We did count when we played badminton, I remember that, thanks for the memory Jamie. Funny, I had no idea that that was the theme this week and yet I plan on doing that kind of happy post today!!!

  3. I loved this week.. just acknowledging the moment, to me, brought a smile. Then wondering how others would react was like having a secret :)
    Happy Friday!!

  4. A little bit late due to work but I did write about my Happiness :)


Here's to sharing our mirth, acknowledging our bliss, dancing our glee and spreading some giggles! What made you happy this week?