Friday, October 8, 2010

The Happy Book: Week 7

What we're sharing this week: Time Machine - Page 114.
This week's assignment: Watch the video for more details.

Checking in on the Mail-Around: Where are the books this week?

Bliss: The Bliss book is in Florida with Carmen Torbus!
Giggle: Sadly, the Giggle book has hooked up with a stranger to have an adventure of its own. A new book is being sent to Jennifer Moore in Michigan!
Mirth: Sandra in Toronto has the Mirth book!
Glee: Stephanie has sent the book to Yolanda (Yolanda is Pre-Blog) in Ontario!

Join in Anytime!

It's never to late to join in with The Next Chapter! All you have to do is sign-up in the box to the upper left, get yourself a book and play along!

Let's Share Our Happy Adventure!
Remember: You can always respond to this week's prompt or simply share what made you happy this week. This adventure is all about sharing and amplifying joy and delight!


  1. Hi Jamie - loved the time capsule prompt this week! Took the opportunity to include some dreams for the coming year too. I've set a reminder on my phone to come back and review same time next year.

  2. Happy Friday! Have I thanked you for the shake-up yet? ;) Am enjoying our weekly tasks! THANK YOU!

  3. I had a blast this week creating my time capsule. Enjoy your Friday!!

  4. Loved this one! I am so amazed at how each challange opens up so much writing from me!

  5. Jamie i just love this...i have these moments through the week and they get me through my day... savouring them and remembering them again is so powerful, it magnifies my happiness and is so uplifting....i'm looking forward to joining in x


Here's to sharing our mirth, acknowledging our bliss, dancing our glee and spreading some giggles! What made you happy this week?