Friday, February 12, 2010

The Happy Book: Feb 12

I did take off this week's video because the song is on autoplay and I know we've heard it many times by now :) If you missed the video, you can see it here.

Thank you, Nadia, for this wonderful Slide Show of your time with The Happy Book! I'm sure it will inspire everyone to want to play!

Which made me really think that there's no reason that each of us has to wait for the mail-around copy to play! Absolutely go out and buy yourself a book and start collecting your joy! I'm sure you'll still have happy to add when the traveling book arrives in your mailbox. Happiness is abundant! Happiness grows when shared! We don't have to save up or hold on or wait. Happy is available now! So, if you're so inspired, please go on out or order yourself a copy and start to play.

Here's where we are on The Happy Adventure. If anyone has an update, be sure to leave a comment and let us know:

  • Bliss: Meg in Australia - The Happy Book is on its way to Meg's!
  • Giggle: Amber Jean in Montana - The Happy Book is on its way to Amber Jean.
  • Mirth: Lani in the Nova Scotia - The Happy Book is on its way to Lani!
  • Glee: Olwyn in British Columbia - The Book has arrived at Olwyn's!

  • And let's keep sharing our happy:
    • Everyone's welcome to write a post about what made them happy this week and share it in the Mr. Linky below.
    • Come on by our Vimeo group to share a video of what makes you happy! It doesn't have to be perfect or edited or even have sound! Whatever makes you happy is just right. A moment of home video? Perfect. Your cat purring? Purrfect.
    • Or if photography's more your thing, catch a moment of happy and share it at our Flickr group called Share Your Happy. Come see what people are sharing! There's family and inspiration boards and rainbows and stars and pie!
    What made you Happy this week?


    1. What a beautiful and awesome slideshow!!
      Go Nadia!

    2. Such a great slide show. The book looks really happy. I can hardly wait. Thanks Nadia. It's perfect.

    3. I think there is a sales marketing blog on here.. from Sara C, unless I am mistaken.

    4. I don't have a blog post, but very happy that the Olympics are here in Canada and that I'm heading to Vancouver to see them live and in person!

      Thanks for the slide show and to everyone for sharing their happy!

    5. Yes, yes, yes, I'd like to post a comment today that the Happy Book arrived in Nova Scotia from Fiona in Scotland (Old Scotia?). Thanks all, for making this so much fun!

    6. Thanks for letting us know, Lani! The Scottish connection is awesome!

    7. The Glee book is in Oregon! It arrived just now from Olwyn! YAY!

    8. how can I turn this one off or stop it - so I can watch other days videos, like the cat - Jinx. This one just keeps playing over and over again. Thanks.

    9. Thank you for taking this video off. I can now hear and read the other ones.


    Here's to sharing our mirth, acknowledging our bliss, dancing our glee and spreading some giggles! What made you happy this week?