Friday, December 3, 2010

The Happy Book: Week 15

What we're sharing this week: What would Joan Jett Do? Page 96
The coming week's assignment: Watch the video for more details.

Checking in on the Mail-Around: Where are the books this week?

Bliss: Mercedes in Georgia has the Bliss book!
Giggle: Helena in Toronto is getting ready to send the Giggle book!
Mirth: breedale in North Carolina has sent the book to justdeezart in Pennsylvania!
Glee: Sara at Soulspackle New Hampshire has the Glee book!

Let's Share Our Happy Adventure!


  1. Hi Jamie! I just put up my happy post and wanted to make sure you check it out. Please read through to the end for my "Thankful" section. :)

    Happy Friday!

  2. What a happy journey we have been on together Jamie! I am so glad that this week, our second last week, is truly a happen on for me. Sorry I had to be a rebel about what I wrote about but I think you will be happy with my choice.


Here's to sharing our mirth, acknowledging our bliss, dancing our glee and spreading some giggles! What made you happy this week?